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Our Story

Starting from humble beginnings, Beez Wax & Co has quickly become a group of dedicated fragrance experts who work tirelessly to provide candles and other household products that both smell good and do good for our planet. It has been our goal since day one to offer exceptionally curated scents and designs while remaining an honest, affordable brand for our customers.

We operate with the key understanding that our work is about much more than profitability. We make non-toxic, feel-good products that people can ethically and consciously enjoy. We want to burn exquisite scents throughout your home, not holes in your wallet.

Our Promises to You
We find it imperative to unconditionally uphold ethical standards and practices and are constantly educating ourselves on the best non-toxic products and safe alternatives.

We’re always looking for ways to decrease our carbon footprint and dedicate ourselves to supporting our environment by responsibly sourcing all materials, eliminating any negative
impacts caused to our planet.

Giving Back
Alongside the emphasis we put on our planet and team, we also have our community’s well-being in mind, and honor our social responsibility to support those around us. Through actively participating in various fundraisers and donating a portion of our profits to numerous charities and events, we hope to inspire others to positively contribute to their communities as well.

The Beez Wax & Co Vision 
By instilling our core values each day and keeping our mission at the focus of our efforts, we intend to find our candles and products in various artisan shops, eventually making our way to becoming a household label by partnering with name brand companies. We are consistently seeking out any areas of improvement within our products and operations to ensure we create a thriving environment both for our communities and team members. We value the tight-knit family of customers we have established and strive towards uplifting those we serve by facilitating a culture based on safety, trust, and accountability.